About Us

Jamaica LeAnn - Owner 
Perfectly Unique originally started as a blog back in August 2009 by Jamaica LeAnn. The original goal of Perfectly Unique was to connect all women of different walks of life, and create a fashionably expressive way for them to unify; yet still be able to showcase their own individual “Perfectly Unique” personalities.
From Jamaica's love of shopping at such a young age with her grandmother, Mary Julia, she learned that a lot of our confidence can stem from what we wear. As the saying goes, 'When you look good, you feel good.' So, Perfectly Unique Boutique was created several years later in August of 2013.
Over the past several years Perfectly Unique Boutique has evolved from the humble beginnings of original statement t-shirts to a FULL clothing brand here to cultivate confidence and style in all of our customers!